Tutorial  Updated

8 Modified original DraStic for androi backgrounds & tutorial

I also included my photoshop psd files for those who wanna tweak further.
Portrait 1.jpg

portrait 2.jpg

These following two have tighter control space.
portrait 3.jpg
portrait 4.jpg
Landscape Time
landscape 1.jpg

landscape 2.jpg

landscape 3.jpg
landscape 4.jpg

landscape 5.jpg

landscape 6.jpg

Download me daddy

How to:
Copy all the png files to the backgrounds folder in your DraStic root directory, should be phone/drastic/backgrounds. Open DraStic in your device, then go to menu>edit screens and virtual pad> select the wanted format>menu(left bottom)> set background image.

1)There's an issue with the one with buttons on the bottom now fixed.
1B) Also added an alternate version for one of the portrait background to imitate GBC speakers
2) I made the dark mode at https://gbatemp.net/threads/some-more-modified-drastic-backgrounds-dark-mode.585295/
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