6 more games have been dumped

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  1. DarkWay

    DarkWay tsubasa hiroge

    Aug 21, 2008
    oops wrong section...kinda can omeone move this to user submitted news please.

    4133 - Simple DS Series Vol. 7 - The Illust Puzzle and Suuji Puzzle
    System: JPN
    Language: JPN
    File name: hr-sds7v11.rar
    Release: Simple_DS_Series_Vol_7_The_Illust_Puzzle_and_Suuji _Puzzle_v01_JPN_NDS-HR

    4134 - Wendy - Mein Pferdehospital
    System: EUR
    Language: MULTi 2 (GER, ENG)
    File name: ind-cwrp.rar
    Release: Wendy_-_Mein_Pferdehospital_GER_NDS-iND

    4135 - Puzzle Bobble Galaxy
    System: EUR
    Language: MULTi 5 (GER, ENG, ...)
    File name: ind-cb6p
    Release: Puzzle_Bobble_Galaxy_EUR_NDS-iND

    4136 - 7 Wonders II
    System: EUR
    Language: GER
    File name: ind-b7wd.rar
    Release: 7_Wonders_II_GER_NDS-iND

    4137 - Hidden Objects: The Big Journey
    System: EUR
    Language: Multi-4
    File name: dd-hiob.rar
    Release: 4137 - Hidden Objects The Big Journey (E)(M4)(DDumpers)

    4138 - Sea Park Tycoon
    System: EUR
    Language: Multi-10
    File name: dd-spty.rar
    Release: 4138 - Sea Park Tycoon (E)(M10)(DDumpers)

    there you go that's all of 'em I think.
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