4.1U SD Menu - "This channel cannot be launched"

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by AssailantLF, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Ooook, so, I recently got a new Wii. It came with 4.3, I did the whole basic softmod crap within an hour or two, had all the IOS crap done, got all my apps working, USB Loader was working great, and I've downgraded the menu to 4.1U via ModMii for no particular reason.

    So the past week or so, I've been looking for the best and easiest way to run Wiiware/N64 games. First I tried Triiforce via SD card, but then I realized that SDHC doesn't work for shit on Triiforce, so I tried SNEEK, but then I realized that my new wii has the bullshit boot2 thing messed up, so I decided to not go with SNEEK. After that crap, I attempted Triiforce again, but with a FAT32 HDD, which worked except for the horrible compatibility issues it had with half of my games I wanted to play.

    After all that crap, I decided to just say fuck it and put them all on my SD menu the old fashioned way. So I go through the painstaking process of installing 5-6 WADS at a time, copying them to my SD, deleting them, and redoing that until all 25ish had been installed. I go to play them and I find that half of them give me the "This channel cannot be launched on this wii console" error.

    I'm at a loss, GBAtemp, I have 'Region Free EVERYTHING" activated in priiloader, my Wii is efficiently modded, can someone tell me how to fix this issue, or just give me a better alternative like a fix for Triiforce or SNEEK? Help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  2. G0dLiKe

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    Maybe your wads has the wrong region...
  3. koji2009

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    Make sure you have a properly patched System Menu IOS (I forget which one 4.1 is, maybe 60?).
  4. Yuan

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    Yes, 60.
  5. requiem_mortis

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    I had a similar issue -

    Intially I used PriiLoader and used the option to load the system menu with IOS36 which resolved those issues.

    Recently I re-installed a properly patched IOS60 for the system menu (mine is 4.1U) and can now use the correct IOS to launch my WiiWare from SD

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