3K3Y 2.02 firmware released


Dec 2, 2007
New firmware for 3k3y just got released:

Main features of note are that you no longer need to specify the "D1" of your bootdisc, which now means you can use any disc that is listed in the supplied gyo.db file
(handy for if you swap between launching games from HDD and from pass-through mode)
as well as addressing some bugs that cropped up in 2.01

New Features
Fix for ISOMenu
Improved handling of bad ISOs
Improved handling of ejecting media when no drive is attached

And from 2.01 which this includes:

Merge 3Dump and NoKeys
Support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
Improved support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
Support for homebrew/no IRD game ISOs
Override drive type in 3Key.cfg (3Dump only)
Improve bad BD handling
Improved ISO load to XMB time (400X)
Remove Autoeject & D1 options from 3key.cfg
Add support for gyo.db & auto detection of disk key

Installation instructions:
1. Extract the files "rootfs", "uImage" , "fpga.vme" , "3key.cfg" and "gyo.db" (please use the appropriate fpga.vme for your 3k3y type)

2. Open 3key.cfg with Notepad and configure it if needed. If you do not wish to change the settings on your 3k3y then you do not need to edit OR update your 3k3y with this file, leave it out!

2.1 Add the files to the root folder of a Flash Drive or HDD. (Make sure to "eject" the drive properly from the PC, it may otherwise cause corrupt files)

3. Connect the Flash drive or HDD to your 3k3y remote and wait for the 3k3y to start the update.
3.1 The remote OLED will now display "UPDATING - PLEASE WAIT" for about 35 seconds. (Do not turn off your PS3 or disconnect the remote while updating. FPGA updates will take a little longer)

4. Once the update is completed, the OLED will display "UPDATE COMPLETE - RESET" Reboot your PS3 and the 3k3y should now be updated to the latest firmware.

5. That's it! Continue to enjoy using 3k3y with the new features!

NOTE! If you use the same drive as you store content on to do the update with, then its recommended (not needed) to remove the "rootfs", "uImage" & "3key.cfg" and any other files from the root of your drive after a firmware update. Since keeping them there will cause the 3k3y to check the files if they are a newer firmware version then stored on your 3k3y micro SD card, and because of that take longer time for your HDD to be recognized.
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