3DSXL Fix up project - Game not working.

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    Dec 17, 2015
    So another project came to hand this time a 3DSXL with a game loading problem.
    My initial thoughts were the pins within the cartridge slot have been bent in some way preventing contact with the cartridge.
    Upon inspection the 3dsxl was in immaculate condition the screens were in excellent condition and there were hardly any scratches on the outer casing, it was a couple of weeks old.

    I firstly checked the parental lock on the device and this was all unlocked, then i checked the game slot for obvious signs of obstruction (nothing).
    Since i saw nothing i then removed the back cover for further inspection of the pins and the solder connection to the motherboard, everything looked ok!
    At this point i was starting wonder what is causing this issue so i held a torch directly over the cartridge slot and i saw something white below the pins right on the bottom of the cartridge slot.
    I got a small pin and worked the white obstruction out of the pins, only to find it was a white piece of paper (photo).
    I then checked the system with a game and i still had nothing registering, so i double checked the pins and found there was one pin slightly misaligned easily rectified.

    I checked a game and everything worked as it should with no issue what so ever !

    I will post another project next week.. :)