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    Jul 22, 2016
    United States
    Hello, I have been experiencing some issue with making a 3DS theme, specifically the BGM part.
    I've converted it from .mp3, to .wav, and from .wave to .bcstm. The .bcstm is about 1.7 mb, which should be good for the 3DS to load.
    It shows up fine on Usagi Editor, but when trying to install it on Anemone or Themely, only the theme itself installs, but the bgm does not play.

    When I tried to play the bgm preview in Themely, it sounded really weird.
    If someone can help me solve this issue, that would be great!!!
    Theme should be down there.

    If you can, then please fix the bcstm file for me.
    Here's the track:

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