1. SWATlozar

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    May 23, 2016
    So recently I got a brick and had to completely reset my 3DS. It was awful to lose all the save data I gathered over the years, but I got over it. I started installing all the games I had before I got the brick. However, on a few occasions, the game I wanted to install just failed midway through installation, the .cia file stayed, but the game stayed on my 3DS, unplayable and not showing on the FBI or 3DS title list. That becomes a problem since I already have around 6GB of unusable data.

    Is there some way to browse and try to delete those files? I'd rather not format my SD card since I have quite a few games on it already and because installing through FBI takes a long time.

    I'm using a old 3DS with the latest A9LH and, as you probably figured out, FBI for installing .cia files. The size of the SD card is 32GB and it worked fine until this happened.

    Any help is appreciated.
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