3DS Nyko Power Pack + and Charge Base Problem

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    Feb 12, 2016
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    Before begin, I know there is a thread similar to my problem but it's not exactly my case.

    So about a year ago my 3DS' battery "imploded" I guess and it's basically unusable now. So I picked up the Nyko Power Pack + and the Charge Base (because my charging port is also destroyed) so I can continue my 3DS hacking adventure, and it worked relatively fine. Fast forward to present day, (July 3, 2017) and it's been acting quite odd. I let my 3DS sit in the charging base for hours and even overnight sometimes, and when it illuminates green, indicating it's done, I open it up and play. My 3DS is blinking red and I can only get 30 minutes to an 1 hour of gameplay before it dies. :wtf: Usually it blinks red for 5 minutes before registering the charge, and in 15 minutes it should be at full battery life, giving about 7 hours of play time. Anyone know a solution or cause?