3ds makes noise when screen changes

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    Apr 19, 2012
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    I was loading the supercard ds2 on my 3ds, and as far as I remember it was sitting on the menu of the ds2 menu and I had to lay the system down to go do something in another room, I came back and the screen is black and frozen. Nothing happened when I was away, but I had to hold the power button and turn the system off after trying pressing home and waiting, etc, I turned it on again and ever since then when the system turns on and the screen comes "to life" it makes an audible "static" chirp, even when my speakers are completely off. I have no idea if it's coming from the speakers.

    I'm pretty sure it's still under warranty, but what's the likelihood they'll look and see that it could have been caused by an "illegal" mod and send the system back with spit on it and a voided warranty?

    Anyone else heard of problems like this? I'm gonna try taking the battery out and replacing it back to see if that's a problem. I'm using a Power Pak.
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    Probably should have posted this in the 3DS Hardware section.

    Anyways, the most they could get you for is liking Alex Rider a lot (which is what the DSTWO is shown as), but that isn't enough proof of you using a flashcard. There was someone some time ago who sent in their 3DS/DSi/whatever for repairs, and accidentally left their flashcard in the unit. The unit was returned and repaired from what I heard, but they disposed of the flashcard.

    I think you're safe with sending it in. I still have to send in mine because the outer cameras are having problems.....I told myself I'd do that months ago...