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Discussion in 'Wii - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by Roach2012, Jul 2, 2012.

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    Hello all,
    So Ive noticed that the Wii Friend Codes go all the way back to 2006 and is kinda outdated if you ask me. Ive decided to create a new total list of Friends Codes, as people post there codes I will try to keep up and make one list of them all for everyone to view and try to strengthen The Wii Wifi Community and for this to be possibly I will ask Everyone to post there Wii Console friend code (4 sets of digits, and list there codes of each game they play since some games like having there own friends list.

    as people post I will put them in categories to be hidden within spoilers to avoid having to scroll all over the page to view what you want. (even I will be updating my own codes) since I play so many different games. just post your codes to save posting if you decide to add a friends code, Id like to ask you to Private Message the person you added, allowing you both to say you added each other.

    Id allow like to ask you only post your codes if you play wifi games often. thanx for your time and maybe we will have a better wifi community one day. :D
    (also suggest you follow the link if you post your codes to add friends even better) :yaywii:

    Wii Friends Codes:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Wii Game Friend Codes:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
  2. MadHouse38

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    Wii Friends: PsYcHo135 - 2775 6255 8146 1138 - MiiName: MadHouse

    Mw3: 1102 9108 1349 - MadHouse
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    Jan 17, 2013
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    My FC is in signature, look down.
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