2 questions about Killer7 and one about WindWaker

Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by test84, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Sorry, I posted this on PS2 section too, but I thought people around here probably played its GC version over its PS2, so I posted it again.

    1- Sometimes when I reload with right Analog, it goes to infinite loop of reloading and its hard to make it stop ! is this a bug or something in first level? (ANGEL) ?

    2- how does BLOOD gathered? does it gathered by just shooting limbs or with normal kills you can gather blood too? since it just shows blood bag when I do criticals or shooting limbs off.

    and about WindWaker:
    at first castle when I press up directional to open the map, the game freezes, is it a known bug or this ISO known and hangs again?
    its a IMG that i took with ImgBurn from a Pressed Mini DVD and burnt with GCOS and played through Wii.