2 issues with system menu in emunand

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    Hello everyone, I am currently using rxtools on my sysmenu 6.00 2ds. Everything is working great with CIA's installing fine on the latest firmware in EMUnand. One of my issues is one game in particular (Pacman and Galaga Dimensions) will install fine from CIA and play, however when I power off my 2DS and boot into EMUnand again it is the only game with a missing icon. The system still shows it's installed and because of this I have to reinstall the CIA every time I want to play it to get the icon to reappear. I already fully uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but the issue persists.

    The other issue is I'd like to organize my games in folders, however whenever I reboot into EMUnand due to a shut down or the SD card was removed (adding more CIA's) all of the icons leave the folders and go back to where they initially appeared. I tried googling and looking around to see if anyone has experienced something similar and I didn't come across anything. I'd really appreciate any help or tips that my fellow users could provide. Thanks!
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    Sometimes I have what you seem to have described, I have a game icon that disappears, but it always reappears a bit later (after going into sleep mode, playing a game, I dunno, quite random :/)

    As for the other... Are your SYSnand and EMUnand linked, by any chance ?
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    You need to unlink your emunand and sysnand. Turn off your system and turn it on again (to make sure you're in sysnand), take the SD card out of the console, and format it (settings, other settings, format system). Now put it back in and turn on the system again. Go through all the rigmarole and now when you change something in emunand it will stay changed (so you can give it a theme for instance).

    This will fix the folders problem, but I'm not sure about the Pacman game problem sorry.
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    same issue same setup 2ds (for me it happens with fantasy life cia most often) tho i think its because of your sd card speed (mine 16 gb class 4)
    this is true it is still there just not read in time go into sleep mode for like 30-60 seconds wake it up and it should show up
    edit: i have switched to the latest nightly of rx tools and have not had this problem since (only been like 4 days since the switch but its a lot more stable for 2ds 6.0.0 in my opinion)
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