1TB Hard Drive Problems

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    Aug 9, 2015
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    Yesterday I bought a portable 1TB hard drive from Matsunichi for the sole purpose of holding Wii and Gamecube games. So in order to get it working I fully formatted it to fat32 using guiformat, made a "games" and "wbfs" folder, but when I plugged it into my Wii none of the games were recognized. What was weird was that a blue light always comes on to show that the drive is being powered, and it flashes when being accessed. That was happening while I was in Configurable USB loader. I went onto some forums and eventually found out that there was a compatibility list. I was not aware of this as none of my other usb flash drives had any problems. This drive was not listed. I went to re test the drive, and it didn't work. I went to the DM booter channel instead to see if the drive was recognized at all and the games came up. So I need help. Do i need to update my cios? Do I need a new drive?

    Here are some specs that were on the back of the box if that helps:
    HDD size: 2.5"
    Rotation Speed: 5400 rpm
    Interface: USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0
    Data Transfer Rate: 5 Gbps (USB 3.0), 480 Mbps (USB 2.0)
    Power Supply: USB Powered

    TL;DR My new 1TB fat32 formatted USB 3.0 Hard Drive is not working with certain homebrew applications and I need help.