12v fan mod solderless

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    So my 360 keeps rrod after about an few hours or so of play then I have to take the whole thing apart and fix it (already has new thermal paste and x-clamp fix applied)

    I did the shroud mod but it didnt help, apparently it only works good if you also do the 12v mod

    was looking at solderless solutions and a lot of guides say to tap into the dvd 12v
    now alot of people say dont do this it will kill the dvd drive but ive searched and havnt found a single case proof that it messes up the drive / kills it

    now I know you will say just use the PSU 12v, but I should note I have 0 solder skills and I really dont wanna mess up the 360, short it out, ect...

    I found people who have been using the dvd 12v for years now without a single problem

    so is it really that bad or is it just speculation like the 12v fan mod will get you banned (there has never been any proof)?

    also the 360 is a falcon v1 elite, gpu chip cooling is the main problem and keeps messing up, cpu side is fine as far as I can tell
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    I wouldn't see a problem with it. I use the same point to connect LED's in my casemods. I have had no problems so far. I had one I sold to a friend that is still kicking after almost 2 years.
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    I have never heard of the DVD thing either (most I see just opt for the 12V at the regulator). If you want though the back plug of the 360 PSU (which if you are looking at 12V you would be pretty much tapped directly into anyway)
    Personally I would stick a couple of wires out of the back of the 360 and hook into the incoming PSU lead somehow (slice into the thick lead and find the internal ones).

    Any "soldering" you might find yourself doing is limited to the wires on the fan rather than the 360 mainboard and if you like you can splice wires too
    http://www.instructables.com/id/Master-a-p...lice-everytime/ (I avoid splicing as much as I can). The only reason we do not normally tap the PSU incoming is because it is on the other side of the motherboard.

    You might also consider the penny fix- coupled with all the others it can help a fair bit.

    Ignore speculation- I have yet to see anything founded in some for of logic.

    Edit- urgh that is entirely too many instrucatables links.
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    I eventually went with the dvd 12v
    I was able to remove the fan pins without cutting them and simply stripped a bit of the 12v line and hooked them onto the exposed wire and covered it all with electrical tape



    so far I havnt received a rrod yet
    just gonna have to live with the jet engine sound