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    Tetris Effect will be coming to PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive

    Last year saw the release of Tetris Effect, a wild and trippy take on the beloved Tetris formula. It received high praise and numerous accolades, becoming a must-have PlayStation 4 exclusive. And now,...

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    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD revealed by SEGA

    Just as the Taiwanese Ratings Board prophesized, a new Super Monkey Ball game has been announced. SEGA will be remaking the 2006 Nintendo Wii game Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, with new graphics, a...

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    PlayStation 4 system software 6.72 now available

    Yet another official firmware update is now available for Sony's Playstation 4 console. Just like other recently released updates, system version 6.72 appears to be yet another "stability update" with...

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    GameStop is planning on renovating some of its retail stores in hopes of staying relevant

    While classic retail staples such as Blockbuster and Toys 'R Us failed to innovate after decades of unrivaled success and ended up fading away, one company continues to struggle and desperately try to...

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    Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset - Official GBAtemp Review

    Audio, and by extension, headphones, are a large part of your gaming experience, whether you're blasting that catchy battle theme, or listening closely for what direction your enemy's footsteps are...

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    8BitDo announce the SN30 Pro+, a customisable Switch controller

    8BitDo have made quite a name for themselves with their Switch controllers and accessories as of late, and the latest offering is just around the corner. The new SN30 Pro+ is compatible with Windows,...

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    Game Freak claims it is not reusing Pokemon models in Sword/Shield

    In recent days, Game Freak has come under fire for various grievances fans have with the upcoming Pokemon titles, Sword and Shield. Following the controversy of only a select amount of Pokemon being...

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    Heavy Rain (PC version) Official GBAtemp Review

    Once a Playstation exclusive, Heavy Rain now makes its way to PCs… as an Epic Games Store exclusive! With Quantic Dream’s signature touch to provide interactive cinematic experiences via games...

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    TurboGrafx-16 mini gets release date and full games lineup

    Announced back during E3, the TurboGrafx-16 (or PC Engine) is making a comeback in miniature form. During its E3 panel, Konami only made the announcement and named a few games that would come...

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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses will feature same-sex romance options for certain characters

    The latest Fire Emblem game is almost here, as fans only need to wait more two weeks until the game's launch, on July 26th. Spoilers and information are beginning to spread, as people get their hands...

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    RetroArch is officially coming to Steam

    When you think emulator frontends, there's a high chance that RetroArch comes to mind. Its simple design and ease of use have made it an incredibly popular application, for years and years. And now,...

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  1. Cooler Master GS750 Headset Stand
    RGB fans unite, for Cooler Master's latest delight: the GS750 Headset Stand. This isn't your everyday headphone holder, though, this is "more than just a stand".
  2. Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset
    In the world of gaming headsets, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Logitech's latest creation isn't your average everyday headset, though; this is a product "for pros".
  3. Heavy Rain
    Originally released on the PS3, Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is now available to PC gamers as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Labelled as an “interactive storytelling” game, how does it hold up...
  4. Noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair
    Gather 'round and take a seat, because we're back to looking at gaming chairs.
  5. Dragon Quest Builders 2
    In a world where creation is outlawed, can a novice builder inspire hope in the weary masses?
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