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  1. PlayStation State of Play - October 27th

    It's time to see what third-party games will be available for PlayStation 5 in the upcoming months. Come check out the latest State of Play broadcast, airing today...
  2. PlayStation Plus games for November 2021 include Knockout City and Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

    As this month winds down, news about the next month of PlayStation Plus games ramps up. As usual, the lineup of games has leaked a little early, courtesy of the same...
  3. Persona composer Shoji Meguro is leaving Atlus to develop indie games

    Those that have played a Shin Megami Tensei or Persona game are likely familiar with the franchises' iconic soundtracks, which have been supplied by composer Shoji...
  4. Niantic's Pikmin Bloom mobile game is available in select regions, set to roll out worldwide "shortly"

    A few months ago, we saw that Nintendo and Pokemon Go developer Niantic were working together again once more, this time, on a Pikmin mobile game. Information on the...
  5. Oculus releases unlocked OS for discontinued Oculus Go headset

    Facebook has released an unlocked operating system for its Oculus Go headsets that allows users to run their own software on the device. This new OS stops the headset...
  6. Atmosphere version 1.2.1 releases, supports Switch firmware 13.1.0

    Less than a day after Switch firmware 13.1.0 went live, popular custom firmware Atmosphère has already been updated to support it. The Hekate bootloader also received...
  7. Nintendo Switch firmware update 13.1.0 released

    Nintendo has just put out a small system software update for the Switch. Patch notes for firmware version 13.1.0 explain that this update is meant to add support for...
  8. Review Nyxi 8 LED Joy-Pad for Switch

    Third-party pads are everywhere, but they usually fall short of their official counterparts. How will NYXI's latest offering hold up?
  9. Tempcast Halloween Special! - Tempcast #62

    In this week's terrifying episode, we dwell into a cauldron of topics. Starting off, we revisit the Sega Saturn emulator found in the release of Cotton Guardian Force...
  10. Yuzu Switch emulator adds new and improved resolution scaling feature

    Just because Nintendo hasn't released a Switch Pro that would allow you to play your games at higher resolutions, doesn't mean such a concept is impossible. Thanks to...
  11. RetroArch 1.9.12 released, adds new cores for Steam version and retro handhelds

    The Libretro team has just released a new update for RetroArch, bringing some new quality of life features and improvements to the frontend, as usual. The first...


  1. Hardware

    Marsback Zephyr Pro gaming mouse

    Are you looking for a seamless blend of speed and style in your gaming mouse, as well as a cure for your sweaty palms when gaming? Then the topic of today’s review, the Zephyr Pro gaming mouse, may be what you’re looking for!
  2. Hardware

    Nyxi 8 LED Joy-Pad for Switch

    Third-party pads are everywhere, but they usually fall short of their official counterparts. How will NYXI's latest offering hold up?
  3. Hardware

    LucidSound LS15X Wireless Gaming Headset

    Having previously been impressed by LucidSound's LS50X, we check out the Xbox variant of the more affordable LS15 headset.
  4. Hardware

    Skull & Co NeoGrip + Maxcarry case

    Looking for some quality, comfortable accessories to accompany your brand new Switch OLED, or even just improve your standard model Switch setup? Skull & Co has got you covered!
  5. Hardware

    OBSBOT Tiny 4K

    OBSBOT is back with a beefed-up version of its A.I.-powered webcam; and as the name suggests, the OBSBOT Tiny 4K supports 4K image output. Let’s take a closer look at this new version!

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