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  1. Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES for May 2022 revealed

    More retro games are on the way to Nintendo Switch Online. Headlining the handful of NES and SNES titles right at the tail-end of May is Pinball for the Nintendo...
  2. Beta footage of canceled N64 game SimCopter 64 appears online, owner plans to dump the cart

    A little piece of gaming history has been uncovered this week, as a Reddit user has brought light to a game thought to no longer exist. Originally scheduled for...
  3. AYN teases handheld gaming PC AYN Loki, "the most affordable Windows handheld"

    In a video aired today, gaming handheld manufacturer AYN has teased their upcoming product: the AYN Loki: While not much is known about the device at this time...
  4. Emulator Kyty, a PS4 and PS5 emulator, gets v0.1.0 release

    After PS4 emulator GPCS4's update a couple of weeks ago, a new release has gone live for another emulator: Kyty. Like GPCS4, Kyty is still in its early stages of...
  5. Dream Daddy studio reveal new psychological horror game Homebody

    Popular gaming YouTube channel Game Grumps, the team behind the cutesy Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, have released a trailer for their second game, Homebody, a...
  6. Sonic '06 has randomly reappeared on the Xbox 360 digital store after 12 years of being delisted

    SEGA's bringing back a true classic: no, not the Genesis titles that will be out next month in the Sonic Origins collection, but rather, Sonic the Hedgehog, the...
  7. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum releases September 1 on PC and consoles

    A release date has finally been confirmed for the new Lord of the Rings game, focused on Gollum, which was originally supposed to release in 2021. The Lord of the...
  8. DeSmuME 0.9.13 released. High res rendering and limited debugging added to DS emulator.

    Old emulators never die, they just go to sleep for a while. In this case despite being some 7 years since an official release we have a new version of the DS emulator...
  9. PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator releases its first public Qt build; improves UI, adds per-game configs

    PCSX2 has been receiving new features and improvements consistently these last few months, and the trend continues with the latest build of the PS2 emulator. As of...
  10. PlayStation Plus revamp launches in Asia; uses PAL versions of PS1 classics, only has a fraction of its promised 700 titles

    Sony has been slowly teasing new details of its reformed PlayStation Plus subscription, just shy of its official launch. Now, the service is live in Asia, and users...
  11. Tempcast Ocarina of Time 60fps, Dolphin Controversy, Square Enix NFTs & more - Tempcast #77

    In this weeks low-energy, zero-motivation episode we discuss some interesting news from the homebrew scene. Starting off, we discuss the Ship of Harkinian Ocarina of...


  1. Hardware

    OWC Envoy Pro Elektron

    Sleek and palm-sized, the OWC Envoy Pro Elektron promises fast transfer speed in a small form factor. Could this mini USB-C external storage solution be suitable for your minimalist setup or even mobile gaming needs?
  2. Merch

    The Matrix Resurrections: The Remixes Soundtrack Vinyl

    Follow the white rabbit and tune in to The Matrix Resurrections: The Remixes soundtrack on this 2xLP set from Mondo!
  3. Hardware

    Govee DreamView G1 Pro Gaming Light

    Smart LED lights manufacturer Govee is back with another lighting product, this time dedicated to flood your gaming lair with some customisable RGB aesthetics. Let’s switch on the newly-released...
  4. Hardware

    Fosmon Universal Dual Charger for Xbox controller

    Wireless controllers offer great convenience to game tangle-free but the need for constantly charging your batteries/swapping for new ones can be pesky. Fosmon’s Universal Dual Charger that...
  5. Computer

    Eternal Threads

    Launching tomorrow on PCs and later this year on PS4 and Xbox One is Eternal Threads, indie developer Cosmonaut Studios’ debut title. Described as a non-linear, time-manipulating narrative Rubik’s...

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