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Feb 27, 2017
Cote d'Ivoire
What's up? :)

Well, I don't know if this list already exists somewhere, but I figured that it might be of use for some people who want to explore these rooms or make their romhacks or whatever. I made a list of most .zsi rooms. It needs to be expanded, it's not finished, as I don't really remember what some of the rooms are. You can help by exploring those rooms marked with "???s" and posting here which place they are.

Also, most of Ganon Castle rooms have confusing names. I didn't know how to call them, sorry! :rofl2:

Anyway, here's the list:
bdan - Jabu Jabu Dungeon
bmori - Forest Dungeon
bowling - Bowling Interior
daiyousei_izumi - Great Fairy Room
ddan - Dodongo Cave
entra_day - Hyrule Castle Entrance [Day]
entra_night - Hyrule Castle Entrance [Night]
entra_ruins - Hyrule Castle Entrance [Ruins]
fire_bs - Fire Dungeon
ganon - Ganondorf Castle Escape
ganon_boss - Ganondorf Castle Boss
ganon_demo - Ganon Castle Ruins [Final Boss]
ganon_final - Ganondorf Castle
ganon_sonogo - Ganondorf Castle Escape 2
ganon_tou - Ganondorf Castle Exterior
ganontika - Ganondorf Castle 2
ganontikasonogo - Ganondorf Castle Ruins
gerudoway - Gerudo Dungeon
hiral_niwa - Hyrule Castle Courtyard
hakaana - ???
hakadan - ???
hakasitarelay - ???
hidan - Gerudo Dungeon???
hut - Cemetery Hut
hylia_labo - Hylia Lake Laboratory
ice_doukutu - Ice Dungeon
jyasinzou - Gerudo Dungeon???
jyasinzou_boss - Gerudo Dungeon Boss???
k_home - Kokiri Forest Interiors
kakariko - Kakariko Interiors
kakusiana - ??? Underground
kenjyanoma - Sage Room
kinsuta - Kakariko Cursed Room
kokiri - Kokiri Forest Shop
labo - Impa's House
link - Link's House
mahouya - ??? Interior
market_alley - Market Town Alley
market_day - Market Town Day
market_night - Market Town Night
market_ruins - Market Town Ruins
men - ???
miharigoya - Hyrule Entrance Interior
mizusin - Water Dungeon
mizusin_boss - Water Dungeon Boss
moriboss - Ganondorf Horse Fight
nakaniwa - Hyrule Courtyard [Meeting Zelda]
shop - Shop Interiors
shrine - Temple of Time
shrine_n - Temple of Time Night
shrine_r - Temple of Time Ruins
souko - Lon Lon Ranch Mill
spot00 - Hyrule Field
spot01 - Kakariko Village
spot02 - Kakariko Cemetery
spot03 - Path to Zora Domain
spot04 - Kokiri Forest
spot05 - Lost Woods Path to Dungeon
spot06 - Hylia Lake
spot07 - Zora Domain
spot08 - Jabu Jabu Lake
spot09 - Path to Gerudo Desert
spot10 - Lost Woods
spot11 - Gerudo Desert
spot12 - Gerudo Dungeon Outside
spot13 - Gerudo Dungeon Inside
spot15 - Hyrule Castle Exterior
spot16 - Death Mountain
spot18 - Goron Village
spot20 - Lon Lon Ranch
spot99 - Hyrule Castle Title
stable - Stable
ydan - Deku Tree Interior
yousei_izumi - Great Faerie Fountains
zoora - Zora Shop
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