Yargh! What to get..

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Sailor, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Buy GH3 now, RB Wii when/if it comes out..

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  2. Buy RB Ps2 NAO! What are you waiting for?!

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  1. Sailor

    Sailor GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 11, 2007
    United States
    New Jersey
    I asked this once before, when RB wasn't released or many people didn't play it, but now RB Ps2 is out so I think people can help me a bit more. I have until 8pm today to make a decision, my dad says..he already got me GH3 Wii but said I can return it for RB Ps2 if I want :\

    Anyway, right now I have the option of either getting GH3 for the Wii for Christmas or just buying Rock Band for the Ps2. I have never played GH before, and think it's a really fun game and all, just that RB is better. But recently I learned that they watered down the Ps2 version making it less desirable, but still better than GH3 I'd say. Though GH3 Wii is a crappy port as well >_>"

    But then again, why settle for the watered down version with no Online Play, DLC, or BWT extras? I mean, surely they are coming out with Wii Band, because if they didn't they'd really be stupid..since GH3 on the Wii sold more than the Ps2 & Ps3 versions, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere. So I suppose I could wait until Summer 2008 for it and enjoy GH now, or I could just get RB Ps2 for Christmas and just enjoy the heck out it, since the extras really aren't that big of a hit to the overall fun factor, I think. And I wouldn't be taking a chance on RB Wii, in case it doesn't get released.

    Honestly, which do you guys think I should do?
  2. kellyan95

    kellyan95 Banned

    Jul 4, 2007
    United States
    You could buy a real guitar, learn to play, and not be pathetic?

    (Was that too harsh?)

  3. King Zargo

    King Zargo I'm a Star

    Aug 29, 2007
    You should get them all. More = Better!!!
  4. JPH

    JPH Banned

    Jul 11, 2006
    United States
    Rock Band - it has a guitar and drums!

    Either way you should be happy, as they're both great games [​IMG]

    (And you know Activision is "remastering" [the problem with the sound, as you've probably read] the GHIII for Wii and the remastered version comes out in January, I believe)
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