1. cfreear

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    May 13, 2009
    Anyone had any dealings with this company?
    I followed a link from a forum after a guy said he bought an EZ Flash Vi from them (i thought it was this one but i can't find the topic now :S). I ordered one last Monday (the 4th), they took payment (most likely automated i know) but the only email I have had from them was one telling me they were 'processing' my order which I'm thinking could have been automated too.
    I'm going away this weekend to Australia for a month and I was hoping to have some games to play on the sodding plane Sad. Ive tried emailing them through their ticket system (mostly automated replies again, i did get one telling me that sometimes their shipments get caught by customs on the way in from china, reassuring!) and I've tried calling their UK 'local' rate number (ie not an 08 number) but no bugger will answer.
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