Xfps sniper plus any good?

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    I was wondering if anyone had any experience using this hardware that lets you use a mouse and keyboard for your xbox 360. It also lets you hook up playstation controllers. I am more interested in the mouse and keyboard feature than anything. I wanted to know if the controls was any better? Hell if it is any easier to aim with it that would be reason to buy it. I know its not going to respond like a PC because of the limitations of a console game and the way that you aim with the joysticks.

    Long story short is it worth the cash because I a big PC gamer and I am holding out to buy a new PC until Win 7 and the new Nivida cards.


    And if there is anything better please suggest it.
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    Some have said it is good and some have said it lags that a little bit (usually made up by autoaim), I must admit I have been giving it some serious thought over the last few weeks/months. I will not comment further than that however as I really came here to link: