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Aug 15, 2012
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I didn't put this on the Xbox subforum since it's really inactive there, and since this is a talk about anything sub, hopefully it should be okay (if not please move it :)).

So basically I took apart the Xbox One Wireless controller to replace the analog sticks' plastic pieces and cleanup as well. Removing the first board was a bit tricky as the wires are wrapped around on both sides (horrible controller design, the PS4 controller is way more simple), so I'm afraid the knocking of the board a bit is what caused this problem:

The triggers don't work. One test on my Win 10 PC says 100% for both triggers and they don't change no matter how the triggers are pressed or not, the trigger motors work though (first time I experienced those lol).
The built in controller calibration in Win 10 showed the Z axis around the middle, and did not change at all. Calibrating it simply showed 50% for both. Uninstalling the controller from device manager didn't work either, so all in all I doubt this is a software issue.

Apparently the triggers work with magnets (again, the design, ugh...), but they seem fine to me. I never touched or pushed the magnets and they're well inside their shrink wraps. Putting a metal object near, between the magnets have no effect either, the triggers simply don't work or change for whatever I try. So it's either the magnets or the board beneath right?

One thing I did in this session was resolder the vibration motors, the wires are so fragile and just came off so I resoldered them back, doesn't look like any wire is jutting out, it's a clean job to me.

Does anyone know what went wrong and how I can go about fixing this? Thanks in advance. :yay:

EDIT: I tried using a magnet and hovering around the area where the triggers would rest on the board had no change in input.
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