x360key review by logic-sunrise (a french site)

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  1. Alexandre Verrie

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    Jul 7, 2011
    United States
    Just found a x360key review from logic-sunrise and QJ forum, quote the english review here


    x360key Review, Installation guide and Tutorials

    Notice: This review was released by French site logic-sunrise, they have received the sample and released the review for players, i just translated it in english, hope you can understand. This item is still a pre-order item, it is said that the first stock will be available in the end of this month. So far, some sites have already received the samples and did some tests. such as this one: X360Key for Xbox 360 According to the info from them, everything is working great. OK, let's get it started. At first, let's take a look what package we have received from the official team.


    Hello everyone

    We finally received the x360key package today, we did this test and wrote this review as soon as we received the package,because i know you guys have been waiting for long. Af first, we need to clarify that though x360key team has announced that xkey will work on xbox live, we still need to pay attention the risk of being banned, this review is just our guide and want to tell you what exactly the x360key is, we used our silm xbox 360 did the test, it should also work on fat version as well.

    X360key Package contents

    1.X360key LCD screen device
    2. X360key board
    3. 128M SD card
    4. A sata cable
    5. A USB cable
    6. A drive power cable

    It is a small nice package and the whole package looks very beautiful.

    Things required

    1. X360key package
    2. Xbox360
    3. Some low tech skills

    Step 1 Open your Xbox360 and connect the x360key with it. After this step, the xbox 360 will look like as the pic shows.

    There are 6 digitals in the pic, let's explain it one by one, then you will install it easily.

    1. Connect the xbox360 original drive power cable with the x360key motherboard.
    2. Connect the x360key white cable(which included in the x360key package) with the xbox360.
    3. Connect the xbox360 original drive sata cable with the x360key motherboard.
    4. Connect the x360key sata cable (which included in the x360key package) with the xbox360 drive.
    5. Put the SD card (in step 2)
    6. Use the USB cable(which included in the x360key package) to connct the x360key motherboard with the LCD screen device.

    Turn on your console without a SD card in thr first time, then x360key motherboard turns blue.Then go to step2.


    Step2 Find out your xbox360 drive key file and then put it in the SD card.

    In order to detect your x360key, you need to find out the key of your xbox360 drive and then put it in the root of your SD card, the format is .bin and should be"xxx.bin" when you get the key, just put it in your SD card, then insert the SD card into the x360key motherboard. After this step, you have finished the installation.



    Step3 Laoding the ISO and playing games

    After step2, power on your xbox360 console,you dont need to connect the card reader at first, it will work fine without it, After booting, the LCD screen lights up and means connecting to a hard driver.


    There are three options in the screen, when you choose "Select game" in the beginning, the x360key will tell you no hdd found. Now it's time to connect your external game hdd or other USB storage device. Notice that the HDD format should be NTFS. Create a foler named "games" in the root of your external game HDD , then put your games(iSO) in the folder.

    After you put the games in the correct place, it will connect to the xbox360 and select open the drive or press the eject button.


    After opening the drive,choose the option "select game " and selecting the ISO.






    After long time's waiting, they finally released this item, and the result is very good, everything is working fine. users can install and use it easily, the most important, it works and works great thanks to x360key team.


    official site
    French site
    English site

  2. geenlung

    geenlung Newbie

    Looks beautiful! I hope they're close to releasing the key extractor.
  3. synce

    synce だいこんちゃんのだいふぁん

    Nov 5, 2009
    So this is just another piracy enabler right? No homebrew or region free gaming?
  4. Armadillo

    Armadillo GBAtemp Psycho!

    Aug 28, 2003
    United Kingdom
    No homebrew or region free. It's just a drive emulator.
  5. synce

    synce だいこんちゃんのだいふぁん

    Nov 5, 2009
    Lame... Although it might be kind of useful if it can play doax2. afaik it's the only game you still can't install to the 360's hdd.
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