1. vasalpa

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    Mar 25, 2009
    Hello everyone! I have a Wii U (which I updated to 5.5.1 only for updating my smash disc) and I realised I can't install the latest update because it is too big for my 8Gb console. So, I decided to install a previous update (v192, 1,35Gb) with WUP installer for homebrew launcher but I can't. I have deleted the corrupted data from my data management and when I try to run wup installer it shows in the progress bar that my size is 2.2Gb (although it isn't) and it gives me an error 0xFFFBFFE7. Just to let you know before I was on 5.5.0 and tried to install a version which was the size of 2.2Gb (the latest one) with the previous version of WUP installer that @dimok had uploaded which was the "showing progress bar" version and it froze. Any help will be much appreciated!
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