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    Mar 22, 2007
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    Hey everyone. I'm trying to write FFIV with J2e's translation onto eproms so that I can play it on my original SNES. I am following instructions found at http://snesdev.romhack.de/som2.htm. Anyway, the game is normally 8mbit and would fit onto 1 27C801 eprom chip. But with the translation patch, the game is larger by 512KB. So the game is now 12mbit. I had to split the ROM, and split it by 8mbit. It left me with two files; one is 8mbit and the other is 4mbit.

    Is it okay to write 4mbit of data onto an 8mbit eprom? I wasn't sure if you had to fill up the entire chip.

    Any response would be great. Thanks.