Would Rumble (force feedback) be possible in games?

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    so I'm sure many of you recall reading that the 3ds had rumble built in, when info was first being leaked about what the 3ds had to offer before e3. Well that fact did not turn out to be true. And obviously, the 3ds does not have a gba slot, so a rumble expansion pack can't be used in that sense like for some choice ds games. What I'm wondering is, would there be a way for games to incorporate rumble if they wish? The example that immediately comes to mind is Pokemon pinball. Perhaps a ds cart thats a little oversized on the top to allow for the rumble pack. But i have to question if such a thing were to be created for a choice game, would it require its own battery like pokemon pinball? Or could it run off the 3ds power like the ds rumble games. And if no battery is necessary, could a rumble pack be created so small that it would fit in a standard 3ds cartridge without overflowing out the top like pokemon pinball?

    What do you think? I think if a developer wanted to, they could create a game with rumble by creating a 3ds cart that overflows off the top, but doesn't need its own battery.
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    I think it ill never be made.
    Many people must keep the 3DS at the right distance and if is moved a little bit the effect is gone.
    With the rumble mode it will become REALLY a strain for the eyes and the mind.

    And the battery, it will go down like a SEGA megadrive.
  3. Hero-Link

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    i'm quite sure you meant SEGA game gear instead.

    But yeah, it would make the 3D effect kinda vanish. i agree with Kawo.
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    Would it be possible to do? I believe so... as stated in a previous thread the IR sensor is almost certainly used for add-ons and a rumble attachment could make use of it. It wouldn't effect 3ds battery life as it'd need it's own power supply (double A battery)

    As stated previously the real problem would be it's effect on 3d... but not every game has to be 3d.