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    Hey folks. While we were waiting for the US scene release of Dragon Quest VI, I struck up a conversation about the Sega Saturn! Needless to say, it was wildly off topic, but for some reason it caught on with others.

    Anyway, the games I currently own are Astal and Nights, though I'm using the double swap trick to play Radiant Silvergun, Galactic Attack, Guardian Heroes, Darius Gaiden, Sonic Jam, the Panzer Dragoon trilogy (Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga), Striker '96, and just for a chuckle (because I have no idea what it will play like yet or anything), NBA Jam Extreme. I'm kind of tickled at the thought of playing something so incredibly 90's as that, but otherwise, I really do not like Sports games. They lack creativity.

    Astal's pretty good. A lot of people probably wouldn't recognize it because of the lack of brandnameness, but it really is a very gorgeous little title, with full voice acting and gameplay that I would describe as a mix between the classic Super Mario titles and Streets of Rage. Odd combination, I know, but you'll see what I mean when you play it. Actually, perhaps a better comparison is Rayman.

    NiGHTS is really like a more linear, flying Sonic, with emphasis on time-attack style gameplay. The faster you are and the more you collect second-for-second, the better your grade will be. If you've played the Wii version, it's pretty similar, minus the whole walking around as the kids thing. (Well, you do walk around, but for maybe five seconds before NiGHTS wakes up.)

    Radiant Silvergun was the first game I decided to burn and use the swap trick on, and it was definitely worth it to play the Saturn version on the TV. The Saturn controller is really just plain ideal for this particular game, with it's three basic bullets being tied to the A B and C buttons, and the combination bullets being tied to X, Y, and Z. Sure, you could just press a combination of one of the two basic bullet buttons to get your combo, but that can get tricky in the middle of battle, especially the A+C combination. (Which is rather useful for enemies which are behind you, which happens a lot.)

    Out of the Panzer Dragoon trilogy, the only one I've actually played (and for not very long because I sadly lack a memory cartridge) is Saga. Let me tell you, it's just plain sad how this game never got a remake. Out of all the games I can think of, the formula and world of this one would benefit from a remake the most. If I had to choose a company to remake it, I would definitely choose Atlus, hopefully partnered with Smilebit, who now has some of the members who developed PDS.

    I say that PDS needs a remake badly, because while it's systems are simultaneously timeless and unique, it's dated visuals and somewhat slow loading times can grate on the experience. Plus, being an excellent RPG that is tragically trapped on the Sega Saturn is just never a good thing, mostly due to lack of availability of memory cartridges to the masses, as well as Sega Saturns. I think it should be remade for the PC.

    The system for PDS remains rather unique throughout gaming history. There's nothing really accurate to compare it to, but I guess if I had to pull a crazy one, I'd pull out Grandia II, if only for the real time/turn-based hybrid and positioning systems. All of the battles are seen from on dragonback, and there are four positions you can take; rear, front, port, and starboard. Each enemy has a certain amount of places they can attack from and from where they are vulnerable. Sometimes, the most dangerous locations to be are also the most vulnerable for the enemy, so you have to plan your attack and execute quickly. It's really much more simple and streamlined than I'm making it out to be. Best way to understand it is to play it yourself.

    Darius Gaiden is similar to Gradius, only much more fast paced. If you play both Darius Gaiden and G Darius (PSX), you're in for a surprise; the games are almost identical. Only big difference is G Darius' use of polygons as opposed to Gaiden's use of sprites. I could be very, very wrong about that, though.

    Galactic Attack is also good. Not much to say about it other than that it's a very beloved SHMUP.

    You know, the Saturn is a very unique experience in general. Many modern games don't have the uniqueness that the Saturn did. Between NiGHTS, Radiant Silvergun, and Panzer Dragoon Saga, I'd say that playing the Saturn is a real trip for any modern gamer.
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    I [​IMG] my Sega Saturn! It's permanently connected to my telly. It probably gets around the same amount of playtime as my 360! lol So many great games on it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those rabid Saturn fan boys you see around who are in denial about it's power compared to the PSX, but in the right hands the console really does shine.

    3D graphic wise most of the time it can barely hold it's own against the PSX but in the right hands it did have some blinding 3D games. Sega Rally, Exhumed, Virtua Cop games, Duke Nukem, Virtua Fighter 2, Dead Or Alive (which actually trumps the PSX version) etc. all look brilliant. Where it really holds it's own is in the 2D genre, which is what it was originally designed for. The 3D stuff was hurriedly implemented once Sega found out just how powerful the 3D in the PSX was. Which is how the 3D transparency bug came about. [​IMG]

    So many great 2D fighters on it though. The SF Alpha games on the PSX didn't run quite as smooth (they had less frames of animation than the Saturn version) and suffered from terrible load times. Then there's also all the great classic style RPGs. And let's not forget Shining Force 3! It's still my favourite SRPG and I've gone back and completed several times over. I still curse Sega for not releasing episodes 2 and 3 in English. [​IMG] Although there has been a great translation project for the other 2 episodes. Finally after over a decade I got to play them! lol

    And the shoot em up range one it is awesome! Radiant Silvergun, the Gradius Collection, the Salamander collection, Strikers 1945 and many many other great bullet fests! All of them fast, frantic, fun and none of them suffering any type of slowdown. To find the best ones you have to search the Japanese game releases of course because unfortunately (another in a long of stupid Sega mistakes with the Saturn) they decided to release mostly the worst of the crop in the Western market thinking us guys only wanted sports, FPS and 3D fighting games mostly. [​IMG]

    Sega Rally is one of my favourite racers. I still have as yet to find a racer that feels, well, just so damned good to play! The drift physics are brilliant, the handling is fantastic even though you're using a digital pad, it's fast, smooth and the graphics are big! Fair enough there's the odd graphical glitch, and the mesh-transparencies lost it a small mark graphically but the game is near perfect as far as 32-bit racers go. Playing Sega Rally on the 360 just made me want to switch it off and boot it up on the Saturn! lol

    It's still my favourite digital pad as well. Well, the Japanese version of the pad anyway. The one designed for the American/European market was far too chunky. The Japanese one though fits perfectly in my hands, the button layout is perfect for fighting games and FPS/SHMUPS.

    It's a shame Sega screwed up with the 3D side of things as I think we would have seen a very different story with the PSX otherwise. If you've never played a Saturn or it's great line-up of games I highly recommend getting one (they're really cheap nowadays) and buying a handful of some of the best games (again, really cheap nowadays!) so you can see what you're missing.
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    I should play my Saturn more, but now it's all boxed up in another city. [​IMG]

    I never really understood why people loved Nights so much. I own the original, the Christmas demo and the one for Wii and got bored with all of them after the first few levels. The Wii one was also a lot creepier.
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    I don't mind Nights, but it's not really something I play alot to be honest and I've never put the time in to actually finish the game. It is one of the nicer looking games though and does push the Saturns 3D capabilities pretty well. It's one of the Saturn games that shows that in the right hands it could at least hold it's own against the PSX. I mostly play it when I've had a few bongs because it's not taxing and just feels nice to play. [​IMG]
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    Legend of Oasis guys.

    That and Strahl (anime game like Dragon's Lair).