WODE Issue with Hard Drive

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    I just purchased a WODE and upgraded it to 2.9 firmware. I installed it and everything works right(mostly bought it to replace a dying Gamecube laser and SD Media Launcher). But, there are sometimes where the games seem to stop and continue to load after a few seconds when normally they wouldn't. I see my hard drive's light flashing during this, so my guess is that it's the drive. I have a Western Digital My Passport Essential 1TB formatted to 2 partitions using NTFS. I know there were some people complaining about NTFS on the WODE, but I want to see if it is the drive malfunctioning, sleeping, or is it a bug? Also, WOULD I be better with FAT32 for the WODE?

    I apologize if this isn't in the right section, but I couldn't figure out where this went since the WODE loads backups BUT it's a piece of hardware and this is a hard drive issue.