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    Im not really sure if this is the place to ask about this stuff so I apologize if I'm way off :)

    I currently have the Jaybird X3's. Now this 8 Hour battery life is not really anywhere to be found. They sound great but are lacking the bass that I want in the earbuds. I usually lose my Earbud tips because of how the ends are designed... They end up wearing out the plastic that is holding them too it and then the tips never stay on after that. I lose them at work all the time because of the constant motion that Im usually doing or the one side that is dangling gets caught on something and bam its gone.

    This time I lost the charging clip. I have no idea where it is and the cord itself is too short to use anywhere other than my portable charger...

    My question is, does anyone have suggestions for any wireless earbuds? I bought mine at bestbuy and I am planning on taking them back from something in return since I have a Warranty with them. I got them for $120 and thats what I can exchange with. I also can pay more, which at this point I am probably planning on switching to something else..

    I'm looking for sound quality, size, and battery life. I see why the jaybirds are so cheap...

    List of ones I'm looking at:



    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/jabra-...phones-titanium-black/6228600.p?skuId=6228600 The band pushes me away a little....

    Might not be android compatible 100%....-


    Im dreaming but-
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