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Nov 10, 2021
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The Sony WI-C200's are a pair of $30 dollar headphones, and they are pretty good for the price. here are some features that they have

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C
  • Sony quality :P
The sound quality is pretty balanced, (or flat, if you prefer), they have a little bass, so bass heads like me wouldn't really like these, but that is ok, they work really nicely. they paired to my chromebook like nothing at all, witch is unusual because chrome OS bluetooth sucks
Screenshot 2022-01-06 10.26.14 AM.png

The Earbuds themselves are magnetic which is nice and it helps reduce wear on the cables. they are really slick looking, and the flat cable that goes around the back of the neck is nice. these feel super premium and look like at least $60 headphones. I got mine at the walmart discount rack for $16 no joke.
Screenshot 2022-01-06 10.33.43 AM.png

One thing that is nice is that they come in white and black, so if you wanted some to match your PS5, you could do that I guess. the ear tips are the nicest feeling rubber. they are very grippy and dont fall outta your ears. and the inside of the eartips is a different color of rubber so you don't have to find the matching size by looking at the size, just look at the color. it sounds insignificant but it is actually helpful. The double control/battery box is really nice. and it is one of my biggest pet peeves when headphones have the battery box and control box all in one thing, because it isn't balanced weight, so the box slowly pulls the headphone out of your ear, and that sucks. So yeah, that's my review for these headphones, I don't expect it to get on the homepage, but if it does, thanks!

Sony official website:



Thanks 4 reading all de wey to de end.

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