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    Sep 5, 2015
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    This was inspired by my own USUM mod.

    The features I have implemented are the following:

    Harsher leveling curve: The lowest trainer level will be 8 and the highest will be 100.
    *Very minor text changes.
    * All gym leaders and important trainers will have 6 Pokemon. The gym leaders will have one wildcard.
    *All forms of revival items will be disabled in and out of battle.
    * All PP restoring items will be disabled in and out of battle. (This can be changed if it's "too" unfair.)
    *Anti nuzlocke trainers.
    *Some moves have had their PP lowered to prevent cheesing the mod.
    *All moves that can crit WILL crit!
    *Many moves will hit all the Pokemon on the opponent's side of the field.
    *All Hyper beam like moves will no longer need a recharge and will have a chance to give stat boosts. (This again can be changed if it is too unfair.)
    * A lot more double, triple and horde battles from the get-go!

    Future/Possible features:
    *The removal of Full heal, Max Potions, and Full Restores.
    *All 649 Pokemon will catchable.
    Possible boosting of some base stats.
    *The EXP. Share MIGHT be disabled...

    I've currently done about 85% of the trainers that are faced in the main game and will be doing the wild encounters/level up moves once I'm done.

    Preview images.:



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