Windows Video Capturer?

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    What are some good video capturing programs that I can use to capture what goes on on my PC?
    I've looked forever and most are outdated.
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    1 - Install it and the CCCP.

    2 - In camstudio, go to the video settings.

    3 - Choose FFMPEG.

    4 - In the new window, in the dropdown box in the upper-left, choose uncompressed.

    Then it'll record about as fast as it can, but you'll need to recompress the video afterwards by running it through some converter.
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    Your also have

    Screen capture is a fairly tricky thing courtesy of overlays (used largely for video and games) and that is where many programs fall over.

    If you mean dial in an have a look at the screen then you want a VNC program (remote desktop is also a term but VNC will probably net you a better program). There are any number that have varying features (free, not free, need for a known IP, no need for a known IP, NAT traversal, OS agnostic or windows to windows only, need for you to open a port and so on and so on).

    It is probably not so good for covert monitoring but teamviewer has a portable version.
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    I used one called Camtasia Studio, that worked really well and had great quality. You'll need to look for a cracked version though, unless you want to pay for it.