1. Forstride

    OP Forstride The rudder moves when I turn the wheel

    May 6, 2008
    United States

    I hope this is a joke. I really don't think that's going to attract younger fans (Unless that's not what it's for), but rather make them hate the Mariners more. This has to be a publicity stunt or something, because that meme was funny when it came out, and got old after a few months. I can't believe my friend would send me this link saying it's funny. It's stupid, embarrassing to those who follow this meme and LOLcats, and just unfunny.
  2. I remember at school once, There was this girl I hated* going on Lolcats and was shouting "Hahaha! Look at these funny cats!" So I opened Remote Tutor with my handy Admin rights** and logged her off.
    It was funny seeing her squirm.

    *Long story.
    **Seriously, on a system like that, why leave the admin password as "Password"?
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