Will 3DS games actually deliver?

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    I know everyone is expecting big things with the 3DS and its 3D display and vastly improved 3D processing abilites, but I'm doubtful.

    Nintendo led the way on the DS with great in-house 3D (As in 3D world, not 3D-effect) titles like Metroid Prime: Hunters and Super Mario 64, but what then? (And don't get me started on the DS Zelda's...)

    Neither of these great games got a sequel. No 3D Super Mario sequel and not even one 2D or 3D Metroid sequel on the DS! I would have loved a Super Mario Galaxy for the DS with SM64 graphics. [​IMG]

    I think they'll do the same with the 3DS. Release great in-house original titles to get everyone to buy their system, then leave it all to the third party developers and let their own popular franchises languish. [​IMG]

    I mean come on. You can't really believe that all or even most of the 3rd party signer-ons will want to spend more development costs to make use of the extra 3D hardware and 3D effects of the 3DS. They're gonna want the fast and easy packbacks that they had with the shovelware on the DS. Sure, a few of the big 3rd party developers will try some new stuff, but not everyone.

    That means loads of still image anime-stills and tons of button-mashing, empty dialogue-driven, tactical, turn-based, point-n-click, rehashed drivel with maybe little touches of 'the 3D effect', over-emphasized and blown up and marketed as 'new' and 'adds so much to the gameplay', B.S.

    I'd love to be wrong and won't be disappointed if I am, but the DS has made me more aware of the profit-centric nature of N. so maybe I'm expecting alot less this time around. Some of the initial releases look promising (Street Fighter and Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, etc.) in terms of being more advanced, but I dunno...

    Any other thoughts along these lines?
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    So what you are saying that if a company doesn't create a sequel of a game on the same game system as the first, then the company is slacking. Let me assure you, Nintendo is NOT slacking when you factor in software development for 2 currently available systems as well as hardware development for 2 new game systems (yes, there is no doubt that the next generation home-console is in the works). If they had the time and resources in the world, then yes, they would be capable of making more games.
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    why is everyone being is freakin' negative already

    it's coming out in a year ffs
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    I'm sure some companies will do wat you're suggesting, but I'm equally sure that there will be other companies releasing great games taking full advantage of the 3ds. Just look at the DS, an equal mix of quick shovelware and great masterpieces.
  5. TM2-Megatron

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    Too damn soon... and SM64 graphics are ass; they would've completely ruined a Galaxy title. The 3DS, from what we've seen, looks far more capable of pulling off a truly good Mario Galaxy game, or Mario Sunshine port (hopefully both).
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    Oct 4, 2007
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    So, basically, just like the first DS. [​IMG]

    I'm a bit skeptical towards the 3D technology, and what it will render possible (and more importantly, impossible) on the new console. People are all impressed by the 3D, but... there are these offhanded, dismissinve comments, nothing big, "oh it's a tiny detail, really, you won't notice it next to this glorious 3D", that keep nagging at me in every review I've seen.

    The 3d effect is only visible at a certain angle and a certain distance from the screen, and there's a limited area where the 3D is visible. Maybe too limited. We won't know for sure until the console comes out.

    Tilting the console takes you out of that range and the image breaks. And that sort of defeats the point of the tilt sensors. Developers might be forced to choose between motion controls and 3D effects. It would also make that headtracking effect impossible.

    Also, the few people that even noticed the bottom screen commented that switching from the top to bottom screen took a while for your eyes to readjust, and frequent switching with the 3D on would be a headache. If that's really the case, developers might start avoiding the bottom screen entirely. And after all, who needs the touch screen when you have the analog nub?[/sarcasm]

    And you can't turn the console sideways and hold it as a book any more, because that breaks the 3D. That's another control scheme out the window.

    So... yeah [​IMG]

    Again, these are only my fears, and it might turn out they're either exaggerated or solved by the time the console comes out, but still. What if.

    I'll just have to wait and see.
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    You note that the DS started strong with SM64DS and Metroid Prime Hunters.

    The 3DS starts strong with 12+ awesome titles that I'm excited for.
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    Yeah, you have a point, but some companies might not even consider 3D and just use the improved graphics. Most games that required you to tilt sideways were puzzles (Hotel Dusk is an exception), so I'm not sure what'll happen.

    Whatever Nintendo does, it will hopefully be good.
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    Also Ninja Gaiden exception [​IMG]