Hacking WiiU Cheating with WiiUUSB Helper games?


Aug 9, 2014
United States
Alright, I've used WiiUUSB Helper to install a number of games onto my WiiU. Now I only have one real issue. HOW THE *#&$ DO I CHEAT ON THIS THING?!?! Sorry about that. I've searched for hours on various ways to do cheats, I've even gotten trainers to work with no problem, except one. There are so FEW of them and they're only for some of the bigger titles like LoZ BoTW. I've installed a number of Wii titles onto my WiiU and now I can't seem to find out how to cheat with them. I've tried JGecko but I can't get it to work. It keeps giving me errors, even after following the instructions (that I can understand) religiously. What I'm looking for is pretty much a Gameshark, Action Replay, NTR CFW....etc type app, program...etc that I can use with my WiiU, specifically for the Wii Titles I've installed onto my WiiU, NOT titles installed onto my vWii, but the actual WiiU. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

And if the answer in JGecko, can you point me towards an idiot proof guide for it. And if it's SD Codes, again idiot guide preferred. And as for Nintendont, I can't get it to actually do anything due to it being unable to create a config file.

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