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    I've got a Wiikey Fusion installed, running latest firmware 1.2 and Wii System Software 4.3E.
    It's a black Wii (PAL) with the latest DVD-drive so I'm loading games through the SD-card.

    The game doesn't boot, it's the PAL-version and the system simply hangs in the main menu with
    all the channels.

    I've read something about having a disc in the Wii for the game to play, but I can't even insert
    a disc (probably due to the drive). It's strange though, I should still be able to insert an
    original game (Wii Sports) and play right?

  2. The Jackal

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    Nevermind. The game works, seems my main/default SD which I bought specifically for the
    modchip (a Transcend 16GB Class 10) is damaged, the connectors looks scratched.

    I f*cking hate USB Card Readers, they always seem to screw up the storage media you
    feed to them.

    Tried the game on a smaller 4GB-card lying around (no scratches), played like a charm.

    However, considering I need to buy a new SD-card, does anyone know if the 'Class' of the card
    even matters for loading games via SD on a Wii? I got a Class 10 because I remember the DS
    had problems with slower SD-cards.
    Seems like a bad investment buying a high Class if it makes no difference.
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    SD Classes are based on the read/write speed - so a class 10 can definitely read/write at at least 10MBps.
    A Wii DVD runs at 6x speed, which adds up to just under 8MBps.
    So, for ideal performance, you want AT LEAST a card that can attain a read/write of 8MBps (read is the important bit, if you don't mind waiting).
    Anything more CAN increase loading speeds, but I have no idea by how much.
    All I know is my USB Drive can do 30-36MBps, which equates to about a 27x read speed.
    So you can work out the performance gains from there, and choose how much you're willing to spend.
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    So basically just the loadscreens are affected? I can probably live with that [​IMG]

    My biggest concern would be if games are affected performance wise; say, a game that runs with an
    engine that streams the gameplay, potential freezes or choppy FMV-sequences?
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    It only is an issue with games that are a D-9 disc game rips where the speed of the chip becomes the important factor, like super smash bro. brawl. Nearly all D-5 discs sized game rips play reasonally well with any Class 4 or higher SDHC.

    I use a PQI 16GB class 6:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    What do you mean by issue, in what way are dual-layer-games affected? Not playable?