Wiikey Chip Combatibility

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    Alright, I have a Wii and want to buy the Wiikey chip for it. I have 3.3U Wii firmware, and I've googled a sh*itload of sites trying to find out what software requirements, and even hardware requirements for this Wiikey chip. What I have figured out is that the Wii disc drive is capable of playing DVD, DVD-R, NTSC-U, NTSC-J, and PAL, but the only thing preventing it is the disc drive firmware, which only allows it to play your region genuine Wii discs. And apparently the Wiikey overrides it and allows all formats. So for anyone that has a Wiikey installed on their Wii, could you please explain to me the software/hardware requirements for the Wiikey chip, and if it does more that just allow you to play copied Wii ISO's on a DVD-R. And of course what type of Wii firmware is compatible.
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    It's great and stuff!
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    Referenced from the WiiKey site:

    "Supports DMS, D2A and D2B chipsets", so if you Have a D2C or D2C2 chipset the wiiKey is not your option.. I believe the chipset version is written on top of the Drive Chip, if you can't find it you can try this: Serial Number Tracker.

    You can find an entire list of features at the WiiKey site (http://wiikey.cn)