Wiiflow, where is my .ini file oO ??

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    May 3, 2010
    EDIT from Asi : looks like I did not search enough, my answer is in the wiiflow thread, please admins delete this post if you wish, sorry for the disturbance.

    Hello all,

    here's the situation :
    - WII 4.2E with latest 249 CIOS (waninkoko rev19)
    - wiiflow latest rev 1.1, launched thru HBC, connected to a USB WBFS-only HDD with a few games on it.

    Having used it for a 3 or 4 months now, everything was ok except for the themes that I could not change at all (actually I guess I had no theme at all, or at least the default one)

    Tryng to solve that issue, yesterday I planned to "reset" my config :

    - deleted all the files on my sd card (sd:/wiiflow/* and sd:/apps/wiiflow/*)
    - putting them back from a fresh zip file downloaded from http://wiiflow.wiitdb.com/downloads.htm (full version), using the 249 version .dol file.

    Surprise, when I started the laucher, all settings and covers were still there. Having checked on my sd card, he did not recreate any file I used to have before in the sd:/apps/wiiflow folder (such as wiiflow.ini).
    Having installed a new game on my HDD, when trying to download a new cover wiiflow says "not enough memory".

    So, where is my ini file ?? On the HDD wbfs partition ?? in some WII memory slot ?? How can I get a totally fresh config then ??

    Thank you !