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    Feb 12, 2010
    hey guys hopefully i have posted this in correct section if not my appoligies .

    here is my problem . I have a PAL wii and have some NTSC games .

    i use Wiiflow and USBloaderGX . i can force the video patch no problem on USBLoaderGX and make the games run ok but when i am using WiiFlow the games are coming through in black and white . i had this problem before with a game and i am sure i changed the setting to auto patch in options under video mode and it worked , but my problem is with the game Crash of the Titans NTSC it comes through black and white and the game . Crash mind over mutant just crashed my Wii but i fixed that by changing the setting in options to auto patch and it worked i just cant get Crash of the Titans to work . I have no other problems with games using wiiflow , both these games work fine in USBLoaderGX

    any help would be appreciated



    i have 180 games on my external HD and maybe about 75 are NTSC . after sitting for a while i went through every NTSC game to see what ones worked and what ones didnt . Only 10 failed , here are the 10 that failed to load on both WiiFlow and USBLoaderGX . I changed the WiiFlow/USBLoaderGX settings (not the individual game settings) to Auto Patch .

    Backyard Baseball
    Backyard Football
    Crash of the Titans
    Hooked Real Fishing (worked on USBLoaderGX)
    Hurassic the Haunted
    Medal of Honour 2
    MLB Pro
    Pinball Hall of Fame (worked on USBLoaderGX)
    Super Swing Golf Season 2

    i also tried removing 2 of the games (backyard baseball and football) from my external HD and downloaded the region frii ISO changer from this site and changed the games from NTSC to PAL but unfortunatly this didnt work .

    I am guessing that maybe the problem is with the games that i am using and not loader settings .As you can see i have probably tried most of the obvious fixes (possibly lol) through a bit of reasearch but i would appreciate any help you guys could give me .

    i am pretty new to the scene but have picked up quite a bit thanks to this great site [​IMG]

    thanks again

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