Wiiflow on vSNEEK?

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    Jan 12, 2015
    Hey everyone. I'm fairly new to vWii homebrew. Apart from me not owning a Wii U for very long I've been rather hesitant to mess with the Wii U because it lacks the failsafe the regular Wii has. So I found out about SNEEK and managed to successfully install it. I'm loving it so far and opens up a bunch of possibilities for me without having to mess with my actual vWii's IOS.

    Unfortunately, there are things I don't understand, I appear to be fairly unskilled at navigating the homebrew community, so here I am creating a new topic, because I haven't been able to find my answer through searching.

    Basically the question is in the title: Is it possible to run Wiiflow on vSNEEK (or vUNEEK). So far I haven't been able to find a clear answer. I heard that installing cIOS isn't possible on SNEEK, and I think Wiiflow relies on this.

    So yeah, is it possible? Might there be a different loader that does work on SNEEK/UNEEK? Or am I resigned to running Wiiflow off of the real NAND (and thus forced to install cIOS).