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    Jan 4, 2007
    New files for Virtual Console came available... All Japanese and korean so it seems that the scene is trying to make the VC collection complete before the WII shop is closed.

    I added them to a dat file which you can use with some rommanagers (offlinelist and Rommulus to name 2 of them) to manage your collection

    Avalaible on http://www.advanscene.com/offline/datas/ADVANsCEne_VC.zip (a new one is on its way very soon)

    Started by nago..... Picked up by me a few years ago.
    Thanks to advanscene.com for hosting where you can find other dat file for 3ds, nds, psp, psn, psvita and -also by me- Wiiware

    No warez to be found there.....only dat files
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