Wii U hangs at menu loading screen

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    Apr 17, 2018
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    Okay so, recently I injected a few gamecube games to wii virtual console, and it all worked fine. But a few days ago, I pressed the wii home button to leave the gamecube game and the wii u just hanged at the screen where the floating things appear (just before all the apps pop up) and it just stays there with all the stuff flying around and the music. The menu would not load. I attempted disconnecting the hard drive and unplugging the console, and also removing the sd card, and I think after a few tries it worked. But a few hours ago I was playing melee and I went back to the menu, and suddenly the same problem happened again. I turned off the wii u and turned it back on, and when I click on my profile it just hangs at the floating icons. The menu will not load. I keep trying to turn it on and off with and without the hard drive and it still doesn't work. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
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    Yeah, the VC Injects are not perfect. I have found a few issues with them myself, but my problem was about the settings for the Cheats doesn't always save, so I would have to go into the settings every once in awhile to enable cheats again, because they would sometimes turn off.

    Im not sure about your problem though, but like I said, the injects are not perfect. But they are still awesome! lol.

    I can now play all of the old Resident Evil games (RE1, RE2, RE3, RE Code Veronica X, RE0) on my WiiU using Gamecube VC Injects. They are the best RE games ever, in my opinion. lol.