Wii U game price hike prediction thread.

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by FAST6191, Jan 25, 2017.

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    Here is a list of games for the gamecube that command high prices

    There are some odd entries there, most notably NCAA College Basketball 2K3 which is a sports game and usually lower than bad kid's TV show cash in games on the second hand game desirability stakes. The Zelda and Metroid double pack seems to be somewhat above the combined price of the individual titles, both far from "thanks for the shelf space" prices.

    With the Wii U all but done now is a great time to have a little speculation thread on what might shoot up in price
    Wikipedia I know but I am only after a list of games so meh

    What do you reckon will be high priced in years to come? First party stuff that is half decent is a safe bet a lot of the time but anything else you reckon will go high. Anything you know was only available from a handful of retailers or as a reward or something?
    Game collecting types, of the sort that actually get into this rare and condition beyond is a playable, continually fascinate me. I have absolutely no desire to join their number -- if I get an old game it is to play it or because it is a notable early example of a mechanic or event within the games world. Still they make for interesting stats.
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    Some that come to mind are Devil's Third, New Super Luigi U, NBA 2k13, Phineas and Ferb:Quest for cool stuff and the Bayonetta 2 release which came with Bayonetta 1.
    Other crappy yet rare games are: Hello Kitty Cruisers, Barbie and Funky Barn for completionists.
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    My bets are games like Wonderfull 101, Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter. I dont think Devils Third will be worth much seeing as its garbage.
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    Hyrule Warriors scarf edition and wind waker ganon figurine edition were killer before....
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    If I had to guess, I'd say Bayonetta 1+2 (assuming they remain exclusive to the system), but I kinda doubt it. The prices go up because of the scarcity of the item. Now that every wiiu owner can just get it online and buy pretty much any game from there, I think this'll avoid prices getting out of hand.


    I don't want to make guesses, but it wouldn't surprise me if a few amiibo's will shoot up in price due to rarity/glitches/unforeseen circumstances.
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  6. Are you guys talking about Bayonetta 2: First Print Edition or the Bayonetta 2: Special Edition? If it's the latter, it's going for the normal RRP. The one that has hiked its price was the FPE.

    Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water will definitely have its price jacked up.
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    I'm kinda hoping that gamestop prices will go down for a little bit, so I can get SSB4, and ZHW,
  8. Isn't the Switch going to receive "Super Smash Bros: Deluxe" (WiiU version with all the DLC)? It's not worth getting it for the WiiU if you want everything as it'll cost a lot more than the standard RRP.
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    did Shovel Knight get a disc? if so that.
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    Good thing I don't collect games :P
  11. Yep. It was available for a long time at a low price but now it's out of stock at most or probably all European retailers. It's still possible to get a good deal in-store at Toys R Us but this is also a matter of luck.
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    Interesting development story + One of the few M rated games published by Nintendo + Low sales all make it intriguing from a collector's point of view
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