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    Mar 16, 2010
    hey guys I am having problems getting wii sports resort to work with configurable usb loader.

    Anyway I have followed the guide on how to get past the wii motion plus tutorial. I went back into usb loader and changed the .dol option to "off" and went into the game. The game booted successfully and went to the insert wii motion plus screen. At this time I did not have wii motion plus so I created a wii sports resort save file and switched it off.

    Anyway today I got my wii motion plus and launched the game. The wii freezes and the wii remotes disconnect from the wii [​IMG].
    I have tried booting the game without the wii motion plus enabled, deleting the save file, going back to the wii motion plus guide but with no luck [​IMG]

    I am nearly 100% sure this has nothing to do with out of date ios since I can run games such as goldeneye 007 and wii party with no problems [​IMG]

    BTW I used a backup of a ntsc version of wii sports resort but I dont think it makes a difference since I can run the ntsc version of goldeneye 007.

    Help would be much appreciated thanks

    Edit: Got it to work buy using a different loader