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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ground, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I had bootmii as boot2 and a lot of crap on my wii. So I decided to build my own NAND with ohneschwanzenegger with as lest IOS's as possible in the beginning. (so only IOS 80 and SM 4.3), and the EULA and RGNSEL etc. Then i installed it with bootmii and it al worked.

    Then i used Letterbomb to install IOS58 and then i installed the HBC.

    My next step was to install the shop channel with the required IOS's. This al worked, until i want to enter the shop channel. first it asks me to agree wit the user agreements and then i get the error 205906.

    But i can't get this problem solves (actually, I can with reinstalling the old nan again) So i want to know how to solve this error, I tought to launch te backup disc 1.3 and use WiiID option to change my Wii ID. but i cant get the disc starting.

    so are there any other options i can try?
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    A little late, but I just have this error after replacing the setting.txt. Most likely this code means that the shop channel does not like the current serial number of the wii. To fix just make a new setting.txt with the actual SN of the wii and replace. Worked for me.
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    Apr 5, 2011
    The shopping channel only works if the wii serial in the setting.txt file is correct. It's related to the wii console id. To my knowledge, the wii console id can't be changed.

    The shopping channel also has an area code in the sysconf file.
    If you change the region of your nand, you can't select your proper country anymore.
    You will need to change the shopping area code manually. Wiimod can do that in it's advanced settings..