Wii remote motion plus or not

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    I got a few controllers off ebay. Some say they are motion plus others dont.

    Now my question is how can I tell if the controller is motion plus or just plain jane? Is there an app for that? Pun intended. Can I connect it to my wii u and something or another will tell me what it is? Maybe a homebrew? Thanks.
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    If they're offical controllers from Nintendo: All WiiMotes with Motion Plus are labeled as such on the lower part and all that aren't labeld as with motion plus don't have it. https://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/wii/en_na/images/accessories/wiiRemotePlusIdentify.png

    For 3rd party controllers: Just start a game that demands Motion Plus and look if the game ask you to connect other WiiMotes with Motion Plus or if they don't do (Zelda Skywards Sword and Wii Sports Resort are two examples of Wii games that need Motion Plus).
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