Wii,Kinect, or Move

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    During Black Friday, Im going to buy either a Wii, PS3, or X-Box Can you help me, by posting your self-experienced Pros and Cons of the systems/consoles you own?
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    Move by far.

    PS move is a dildo. With Kincect, you ARE the dildo.
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    I say Ps3 Move and Wii Remotes over Kinect.
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    Mar 9, 2010

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    Both the Move and Kinect are technically superior to the Wii, but when it comes to the library of games (using motion), you have to go for the Wii.
  6. markehmus

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    ... i purchased everyone on release ,
    and still am undecided, about deciding on a machine only due to the controller.

    Ps3 has my vote , (not controler related reasoning)
    since its the more powerful machine , 3dTV, 1080pNetflix , and has free online gaming....

    the 360kinect has the hands-free option ,
    but seems more childish with the game releases...

    Wii , well sure had the jump on the new wave of gaming and is alot cheaper in cost ,
    pirate'n made simple ... but far behind the quality of machine , compared to the Ps3/360

    well and again i geuss the Ps3 has my vote ,
    i use it alot more then my 360kinect ,
    and i only really use homebrew on my wii, more fun to test stuff then game with it.
    (opinion of an oldtimer.. even though i prefer NBAJAM on Wii over the NBAJAM on Ps3 , the Ps3 wins)
  7. w!!

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    PS3 - Blu-ray player, better graphics, 3DTV compatable, Move - better system all around. I own a wii and the game selection sux for adults, wii motion plus support isn't there. Xbox is playing catch up and charges for their live network (netflix requires gold for example).

    I guess if you want a completely pwned system though, the wii is it [​IMG] lol
  8. KingVamp

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    So i guess the wii is doing the pwning [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It either the wii or ps3....
  9. person66

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    Jun 16, 2009
    move/ps3 has my vote, although if you want the largest library of games that have motion controls then definitely go for the wii.
    Kinect just doesn't really appeal to me when I think about the fact that there is NO controller, you have to do everything. I guess it would be fun for a while, but I just cant take it seriously when I think about waving my arms around and rolling on the floor while being watched by a camera. And think of first person shooters on it...
    Thats not to say Kinect is crap or anything, its just not for me

    But back to the ps3/move and wii. I have both, and they are both fun, but I enjoy the move better. It's got HD graphics, and just seems far more responsive. There is also the fact that it uses a camera, so they could put you in to the game (like in eyepet), and its also got a decent mic, so you wont have to get a headset or anything to talk online.
  10. Sao Mortel

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    Unless you get a good deal on ps3 or Xbox which both shine for online gaming.
    You will have to get a used wii with wii fit plus because the library of compatible games is so big now.(we are talking about controllers no?)
    Its a good time to get a ps3 if you want to jailbreak but future game compatibility with jailbreak is uncertain.
    Its just depends how much money you want to whip out.
  11. trumpet-205

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    Jan 14, 2009
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    Look into each console game libraries. See which console has the most game you want.

    Though I recommend Wii, because it has a lot more fun games with motion controls. For $199, you'll get Wii + Wiimote Plus + Nunchunk + Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort. It is the best package available with a valued price.

    Kinect, while unique, currently lacks good game that utilizes its full potential. Move is very similar to Wiimote.