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    So, a long while back I had a wiikey installed in my wii. Everythings had been fine for quite some time. In the beginning of november, my sister and her friend were playing a game on my wii and her friend knocked my wii on the floor. Since then, the wii has been unable to read games (retail and backups). I disassembled my wii and saw that one of the wires from the wiikey that was soldered to the board got unsoldered(could have very well been from me taking off the electrical tape. So, I tried to resolder it, and I ripped off the copper solder point. I was using a soldering iron which got way too hot (25W) and it wasn't working out. My question is this:
    Should the 1 unsoldered wire have stopped the wii from reading retail games? When games were put in the drive would make a continuous beeping-ish noise and the wii wouldn't be able to read it. Does anyone know what the problem may be? Also, where should I go from here?


    Edit: The wii takes the disc in. Before the disc starts to spin it beeps once. Then the disc starts to spin, it beeps twice, and then stops spinning and puts up the message "Unable to read the disc."