wii games on WBFS partition garbled images...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Hogmeister, Nov 23, 2009.

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    so as my topic and description states, i've got an issue with "installing" games within the usb loaders.

    basically what happens is that i press install, and go on and do that, but the result is a read error at any given % usually if its a problem once i try again and it'll fail at the same % so i would assume its the disc and not the drive itself. This happens on retail discs or even my burnt games (i've got a modchip installed, wiikey v1.9s) that work to play no problem.

    the result sometimes ends up with the image not being finished and rather than deleting it, i have something left on the drive and in the UI i can see a scrambled game cover if i try to play it i get an error.

    i noticed that with WBFS Manager 3.0.1 i get a similar result after adding 2 games (doesn't matter which 2, or what size.. ) to the hard drive IF i have my external hard drive connected with my eSATA connection. If i have it connected with USB WBFS manager has yet to fail on copying an iso over to it.

    as a note, the garbage information isn't actually readable in WBFS manager, or anything i've used yet. it shows up as far as disk usage goes, if i add all my proper ripped games file size, and then subtract it from the total HD space, theres a gap between that an the free space, indicating something is taking up space somewhere and not being shown to me.

    what i'm after is a solution to the issue of removing that wasted space from my drive. my current solution is to extract the ISO's of all the working games to my computers hard drive, format the WBFS partition, and readd the ISO's with WBFS
    manager.... it works, but its time consuming as you could imagine.

    any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance
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    i had this exact same problem, and had to do what ur suggesting to get rid of the junk, but i bought the wii lens cleaner and now i dont get bad rips anymore