Wii Freezing and Buzzing

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    I guess a question generally belongs here?
    I've searched a lot, but I still have this problem. I made a topic too a while back but that was kinda not answered...

    The only problem now is that I turn on the Wii, it goes to Health and Safety screen, then when it gets to the System Menu, it locks up after about 5 seconds, and it buzzes. If I got into maintenance mode it doesn't give me that problem, but it doesn't let me confirm my Wi-Fi settings either (No WiiConnect24), which is what I'm trying to do, start playing SSBB online again... >_>

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    Hey there,

    How are you ?

    80 percent of the time, its the CD in the drive, if its bugged up, or bad burn, then the wii will attempt to load the Table of Contents, it does this to show you off the main menu which game is in the drive. Since non games, and some divx discs or bad burn discs, use the same Jiolet, the Nintendo can freeze because it attempts to load information from that disc.

    NOt that?
    Please do the following, remove the SD, Controllers (removre gamecube contr), Memory cards A or B and anything connected to the usb ports) Everything until you have a bare bones wii.

    Then remove all wireless connections and settings, disable wii connect 24,


    and go to your router and verify the settings (or better yet change them) and put the new settings in the wii.

    Replace each item you removed one by one, until you dupicate the error or it goes away


    Answer my NEed for speed question

    check the same forum for my question if you can help me.
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    I had the settings menu problem, and it was a simple case of re-installing sysmenu and sysmenu IOS. The buzzing problem, is it coming from the Wii or is it coming from your TV/speakers once the Wii has froze? I have a buzzing noise coming from my wii and it's the fan, mine peiodically freezes/shuts down due to overheating. Might not be the same problem but could be worth a look/listen. Good luck

    Yes, I am going to replace my fan. Im just awaiting delivery of one
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    Hmm...I replaced the DVD drive with a HDD, just for fun (there's a guide on here, I know) and it was buzzing even before that...and my settings menu problem went away. I've reinstalled using the files from NUSAD/ModMii downloads...still buzzes, but only when NOT in maintenance mode...and that doesn't let me "Use" the WiFi settings for my router. (Can't connect to WiiConnect24 in maintenance mode)